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It all started in 1999, when Sean, the owner of Naperville Taxi Dispatch found himself in dire straits financially. Needing to pay about $1400 for college tuition arrears in less than two weeks, Sean got behind the wheel of a suburban taxi vehicle and started driving in the Naperville area. Sean made his tuition payment, continued to drive on the weekends to make ends meet and pay for college.

Excited and enamored by the taxi business, after graduation Sean continued driving for the big suburban taxi company for several months. As time went by, the rampant nepotism, unprofessional service & poor reliability at the big suburban taxi company started becoming pressing issues. Unable to convince management at the big suburban taxi company to implement positive changes, Sean started out on his own with one car.

In just one month, as Sean's customer base continued to grow, he added another vehicle, doubling his fleet! The next few months were marked with general start up struggles but Sean & Bernie ( the second driver) persisted.

And then in 2002, came the lucky break! The county of Dupage ran a transportation program for senior citizens & low-income citizens. Taxi companies contracted by the county were doing such a bad job, the county approached Sean about providing limited service in the southern Dupage county area. It was clear to Sean that this was the break he needed. Never shy of an opportunity, Sean knew though that taking the responsibility of an "account" meant that he would need more cars and drivers.

By the sheer will of force, Sean successfully covered the county rides without fuss and with high accolades from customers and the county management.

We now proudly offer the most reliable and the only 'real' locally owned and operated taxi service in Naperville. Our humble success is all due to you: our valued customers. We thank you and appreciate the time you have taken to visit and learn more about us.

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