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Naperville Taxi: Long Distance Meter Rates.

"Long distance" ride? Generally any ride that involves more than 10 miles of travel is considered "long distance" in the taxi industry. Generally such rides tend to be overpriced and restricted by most taxi services. However, unlike our competitors, we don't overprice or restrict "long distance" rides. In fact, our "long distance" meter rate is the same as our local meter rate: $2.80/mile. NO hidden charges. NO higher per mile rate. Just a simple $2.80/mile rate

Even better, call us at (630) 355-5959 and instead of paying a meter rate, we'll offer you a low flat rate. Flat rates are very affordable because you don't pay for waiting in traffic, you don't pay more for example, if the driver takes an alternate route to avoid traffic. And generally, our flat rates are much lower than the straight meter rate of $2.80/mile.

Here's a list of estimated fares from Naperville to select destinations.

23 Taxi Fare from the Route 59 Train Station to Lisle Train Station.

33 Taxi Fare from the 5th Ave Train Station to Oakbrook Mall.

27 Taxi Fare from Downtown Naperville to 63rd/Cass Ave in Westmont.

30 Taxi Fare from Ogden Ave & Rickert Dr to Downtown Plainfield.

28 Taxi Fare from Washington & Warrenville Rd to Downtown Hinsdale.

29 Taxi Fare from 75th St and Naper Blvd to Yorktown Mall in Lombard.

55 Taxi Fare from Ogden Ave & Aurora Ave to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.

26 Taxi Fare from Royal St George Dr & Ogden Ave to Hollywood Casino in Aurora.

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