Naperville Taxi Dispatch

Naperville Taxi : Service to and from Downtown Naperville.

Downtown Naperville is a popular destination for our customers. We offer round the clock service to and from Downtown Naperville.

On busy nights like Friday and Saturday night, don't wait around for maybe kinda taxi service. We offer extremely quick taxi service, sometimes under 15 minutes.

MINIVANS: We have several minivans in our fleet. If you need a minivan to transport more than a group of four people, Please call ahead as minivans are in high demand, especially on Friday & Saturday nights.

Sample Estimated Fares from different parts of Naperville / Lisle / Aurora to Downtown Naperville:

  • McDowell Place Apartments to Downtown Naperville. $15-$18.
  • Country Lakes Apartments to Downtown Naperville. $17-$20.
  • Mill Ponds Apartments to Downtown Naperville. $15.
  • Ogden Ave / Rickert Dr to Downtown Naperville. $15-$17.
  • Brittany Springs Apartments to Downtown Naperville. $15-$18.
  • Four Lakes in Lisle to Downtown Naperville. $18-$21.
  • Lakeside Apartments in Lisle to Downtown Naperville. $16-$17.
  • Brookdale Apartments to Downtown Naperville. $15-$17.
  • Chesapeake Landing Apartments in Aurora to Downtown Naperville. $18-$22.
Taxi Meter Demystified: Lets say you have more than 1 person in your group, 3 passengers for example. And let's say the meter is at $12. Each additional passenger is an extra $1. So your total fare would be $12 + $2 ( for the two additional passengers) = $14.
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