Naperville Taxi Dispatch

While reservations are required at Midway Airport, we have made pickups at Midway airport real easy. Before leaving from your departing city, please provide us with the info in the list below. We'll track your flight for you. In case there are flight delays (a very common occurrence at Chicago's airports) or if the flight is early (a seldom occurrence), you won't have to worry about being picked up. We'll be waiting for you in the commercial vehicle holding area (just outside the terminals) at Midway Airport. After you arrive and have your luggage in possession, please call us at

(630) 355-5959

We'll immediately give you a taxi #, description of the vehicle and the terminal exit door where the taxi will meet you. 9 times out of 10, we pickup in under 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, due to weather delays or traffic management problems, at Midway, pickups can take up to 20-25 minutes. You can rest assured, we constantly try to monitor and anticipate traffic delays to avoid any lag in our fast, incredibly easy airport pickup service. Here's a recap of our airport pickup service:

Book an airport reservation with us at least before leaving from your departing city. You can book your inbound pickup at Midway when you book your outgoing taxi to Midway Airport.

Please provide us with the following info:


  • Your Name
  • Your Cell Phone:
  • Airline & Flight Number:
  • Departing City:
  • Drop off Address and City:
  • Number of Passengers:
  • Whether you'll be checking luggage or just carrying luggage:


· Once you arrive at the airport and after collecting your luggage, please call us and let us know that you are ready for your pickup.

· We'll give you the terminal exit door to meet our taxi at, as well as a description of the vehicle and the taxi #.

· Our driver will arrive at the assigned terminal door in about 10-15 minutes, in most cases.

As per City of Chicago regulations, we are only allowed to pickup at the following terminal doors: All pickups are in the Lower Level (same level as baggage claim) in the Center Lane.

  • Door LL/2

Please be aware that airports are full of 'bandit' taxis and limos. Avoid any driver that approaches you about your pickup unless the driver has your name, destination and phone number. Only our driver will have your info, like your name and destination city and phone number.

Such 'bandit' taxis and limos are dangerous and generally prey upon unsuspecting passengers. They generally overcharge unsuspecting customers and provide little service.

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