Naperville Taxi Dispatch

Comparison Effective August 2009

Local Company YES. Most companies only pretend to be in Naperville. Most have offices outside Naperville.
Locally owned & Operated YES. We take pride in being Naperville's only 'real' locally owned and operated taxi service. Proud to bear the name of our town in our name, we are committed to providing an exceptional level of service for all the residents of Naperville. None really to speak of. While there are a few independent cabs & a stray company that operates out of Naperville, only Naperville Taxi, Inc. is fully dedicated to serving Naperville 24/7/365.
QUALITY OF FLEET Our fleet is the best in this area. We have several late model Lincoln Town Cars, Minivans & Chevy Impalas. And our fleet is maintained regularly by professionals. NO Compromise on the maintenance of vehicles. Generally poor quality of vehicles. Most companies have no vehicle maintenance program
Dispatch YES. Professional Dispatchers with more than 10+ years of experience & local knowledge. Personal Dispatch Service unlike any other. One major competitor has a dispatch office in Mount Prospect, miles away from Naperville. Dispatchers generally have poor knowledge of the area.
24/7 OPERATON YES. True 24/7/365 operation. We really do lack a social life, so when you need a taxi at 3am on Christmas Morning, you can count on us to be around. YES some of our competitors pretend to have 24 Hr operations. However often they have spotty to no service after hours or during rush hour.
DRIVERS Professional courteous drivers. All drivers undergo a background check. Drivers have to comply with company policies about polite behavior, dress code & defensive driving. Drivers generally are not properly trained or coached during their career.
CUSTOMER SERVICE Our loyal and growing customer base is testament to our singular focus on Customer Service. Our motto is simple: Customers First. NO compromise. Poor customer service. With one company, drivers & the company are two different entities and have no common goals in offering good customer service.
On time record Unmatched. Over 90%. While there are occasions when we 'slip up' and are a few minutes late, we constantly strive to better ourselves: a commitment to excellence unmatched in the taxi industry. Abysmal. Less than 60%, generally.
Community Responsibility Since most of our drivers live in Naperville, we are a part of this community. Several of our drivers volunteer in the community as well. None to Speak of.
Environmental Responsibility Beginning in 2006, we made a commitment to make our fleet more earth friendly. Since then we have  kept adding cars and Vans with better fuel economy and fewer emissions. While our business dictates a few large vehicles to accommodate large groups of people, we are committed to decreasing our carbon footprint. Most have old gas guzzlers and very fuel inefficient vehicles.
Driver Satisfaction Happy Drivers are essential to our business. Unlike our competitors, our drivers are treated with respect, dignity and fairness. No wonder, we have very little turn over. Our drivers love us and love working here. We do not overburden our drivers with high taxi leases, unreliable vehicles or long shifts. Most companies treat taxi drivers like cattle or even worse. Taxi Drivers are also saddled with high leases, unreliable vehicles and general hostile behavior by management. As a result, taxi drivers at other companies have high stress and are generally unpleasant to customers.
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