Naperville Taxi Dispatch

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Absolutely! Almost all of our taxis are equipped with state of the art Wireless Terminals to process your credit charges in real time. We also accept debit cards provided they have a VISA / MASTERCARD Logo on them. Our company policy dictates that every driver accept a valid credit card for any amount (subject to a minimum fare of $10 or $15 depending on location). If a driver refused a credit card, make sure you get a receipt and email me at sean-email-prevent-spammers-opt and I'll make it right.

Please note that per company policy, Drivers are required to periodically check for ID when paying with a credit card. We have instituted this policy to protect us and you from Credit Card Fraud.

Also, per VISA / MASTERCARD / DISCOVER / AMERICAN EXPRESS regulations, we cannot accept any prepaid gift cards bearing their respective logos.

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