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How does the Taxi business work?

It's a fun business. No wonder I choose it over writing code in a cubicle.

I'll post a  detailed overview of the business in general and specifically about Naperville Taxi in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned!


When will my taxi show up?

Most of the time, at the time you requested. However there are times when we can possibly be late. There can be several reasons why one of our taxis is running late. Here are a few:


  • Heavy Traffic: Just like everyone else, our vehicles have to fight traffic. If your ride is due during rush hour or during period of unusually high traffic, please understand that travel times can be high. Rest assured, our dispatchers are always proactive in notifying you of expected delays in cases of heavy traffic.
  • Driver Mistake: A driver can take a wrong turn or be pulled over by law enforcement or just plain not be on top of his/her game. While we have policies in place for drivers to proactively notify customers if they are running late, sometimes the stress of the job can make them less conducive to effective communication. I apologize on behalf of any of our drivers who has been late. Please don't hesitate to call me at (630) 355-5959 or email me at sean-email-prevent-spammers-optand I'll see that your problem / concern is handled properly.
  • Dispatcher Mistake: Dispatching can be a stressful job. Imagine constant chatter with drivers, customers and phones for long periods of time. Sometimes a dispatcher will forget to dispatch a ride or will dispatch it late. Its a very rare occurrence but it does happen nevertheless. Again, my sincere apologizes if we fell short of our promise of reliable, on-time service.
  • Customer Perception: Often customers will think that they called a taxi a while ago when in fact they only called a little while ago. Please understand that the process of dispatching a taxi is many-fold: From the time that the customer calls, gives the order and hangs up, the dispatcher enters the order into the system, looks for the closest available taxi and sends the order to the driver via text message or two-way radio. This seemingly simple process easily takes at least 2-3 minutes. Now add a couple more minutes for the driver to look up the address on a map / GPS device and you get the idea. 5-6 minutes have passed and now finally the driver is on his/her way. Suddenly 15 minutes doesn't seem that long ago.
  • Dropped Order: While we take great care in not dropping reservations, occasionally we will 'screw up" and miss an order. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. It's embarrassing, as rare as it is, for us to admit it but nevertheless I want to assure you that we feel immense pain at dropping reservations. In fact, we now have a policy of offering a customer half off on any dropped reservation. Please feel free to email me at sean-email-prevent-spammers-opt and I'll resolve the problem to your satisfaction.
  • Not Our Fault: Sometimes customers will make a reservation with another service yet call us inquiring about the status of their taxi. Please note that although we are the only real locally owned and operated taxi service in Naperville, there are several outfits that have tried to piggyback our name. Our number is (630) 355-5959 and our website is



Is your Taxi Service Reliable?

Absolutely! Over the last ten years, we have taken great care and effort in providing reliable on-time taxi service in Naperville and the surrounding area. Our on-time performance is an unprecedented 90%, almost unreal in the transportation business. While there are cases when we slip up and show up late, we are constantly striving to better ourselves and be more reliable.

If you were picked up late or are otherwise unhappy with our service, please email me at sean at napervilletaxi dot comand I'll personally look into the matter and resolve the problem to your satisfaction.


Why does a taxi cost so much?

You gotta be kidding me? Just Kidding. Yes at times, it can appear as if a taxi costs a whole lotta more than driving yourself or taking the bus / train. However, its important to consider many factors in the cost of a taxi ride.

More on this in a little bit. Stay Tuned!

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